Selena Gomez Confirms NEW MUSIC

Selena Gomez Confirms NEW MUSIC

Selinators are gearing up for a rare treat Selena Gomez is releasing a new track cleverly titled single soon and Selena Gomez asking fans to come and get it on Thursday the only murders in the building start tease the new song on Instagram sharing the cover photo for the tune and writing in her caption y’all have been asking for new music for a while since I’m not quite done with SG3 I wanted to put out a fun little song I wrote a while back that’s perfect for the end of summer single soon August 25th pre-save it now.

Selena Gomez new single comes on the heels of her hit song calm down with Rema which reached number one on Billboard’s Global chart the Lizzy to Love Me singer previously teased new music in June sharing a photo of her recording vocals writing don’t worry guys it’s coming even from Paris she also revealed the vibe of her new music in a February interview with Vanity Fair say in quote the music I’m doing right now is about real things that I’m walking through it’s really powerful strong very pop the theme

Selena Gomez Confirms NEW MUSIC
Selena Gomez Confirms NEW MUSIC

Generally is freedom freedom from relationships Freedom From The Darkness adding if I had my way I would probably write ballads my whole life but I want to produce music that will make people smile this will be Selena Gomez newest solo single in a year she released my mind to me in November ahead of the premiere for documentary of the same name acts as Hollywood Zuri Hall chatted with her at the premiere and she admitted what it was like to finally release the personal project and revealed what she feared most in her darkest moments

Selena Gomez how are you look amazing thank you and same first of all congratulations on this project and secondly thank you for making it like I’m not gonna get super emotional but thank you for making it um you know it took a lot of Brave vulnerability to share a story like this your story and I just spoke with Alec who said that you gave him full license to do what he would with your story how much vulnerability how much of any fear was there attached to that oh I am still scared actually it was very uncomfortable to be honest in moments

but then I feel like it was also necessary I thought the story needed to be bigger than just me and my music I I think it took a life of its own and he just created the story that truly is my life in a time capsule yeah your life in a time capsule it is inspiring it’s gut-wrenching you know I asked this next question and I don’t ask it lightly and only so much as you’re comfortable sharing but that log line behind it says every breath a breakthrough what does that mean for you and in your darkest moments of that struggle

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what did you maybe fear most I think I was scared of myself the way I was treating myself the way I was talking about my body it breaks my heart just to think that’s who I was and it was really heartbreaking for me to know that I hope I never I just don’t want anyone to feel what I feel or has walked through I feel like you this can’t not be an emotional carpet for you what are you feeling right now and why I’m very nervous this has been exciting but a little overwhelming to be honest I think

I am still like a little shaky but I’m excited to be here and I’m happy that it’s gonna be released so really quickly anyone struggling at home who may be watching and going through something similar who may feel like their darkest days are still ahead what would you say to them what would you encourage them I would encourage them to to be not afraid to seek help but at the same time learn about it understand what it is because once you have the knowledge of what you’re going through.

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