Sarah Ferguson Shares Update On Queen Elizabeth

Sarah Ferguson Shares Update On Queen Elizabeth

Sarah Ferguson is sharing an update on Queen Elizabeth’s beloved corgis. After the monarch’s passing, news broke that the Duchess of York and her exhusband Prince Andrew, will be taking care of the two dogs, Mick and Sandy. During an appearance at the Henley Literary Festival this week, sarah Ferguson said, per the Telegraph, that looking after the pups was, quote, a big honor, according to the publication. She also called the corgis, quote, national treasures, adding that they’d, quote, been taught well. A source previously told News that Sarah was the one who found Nick and Sandy and that Andrew had given them both to the Queen as gifts last year.

The corgis now join sarah Ferguson and Andrew’s five Norfolk terriers, which really makes for a busy house, sarah Ferguson said, per the Telegraph. They all balance out the carpet moves as I move, but I’ve got used to it now. The Duchess of York isn’t the only real that shared an update on the dogs following the Queen’s passing last month.

Prince William assured wellwisher that his late grandmother’s corgis were doing okay, saying in a video captured by Sky News they’re going to be looked after fine. They’re two very friendly corgis and they’ve got a good home. They’ll be looked after very well. Sweet rotten, I’m sure. Queen Elizabeth died on September 8 at the age of 96. One month later, people around the world are continuing to mourn her loss and remember her incredible impact.

Charlie Langston previously told Access Hollywood how much the Queen meant to the people of England. I don’t think the impact of the Queen’s passing can ever really be overstated. I can imagine that tears are being shared the world over. I myself have already shared a few. I know that my family and friends in the UK are all devastated. The reality is, for most people in the UK and indeed the world over, they have not known life without the Queen. I was born and raised to respect and admire the Queen.

My mother has not known life without the Queen. am one of millions who are used to not only having her almost as a symbol of comfort because she has always been there, but also as an immense symbol of pride in what it means to be British and what it means to be part of a nation that, yes, is very small.

But as a result of the monarchy and as a result of the work that the Queen has done tirelessly over 70 years, our nation has had an incredible impact on the world. And that’s something to be especially proud of as a Brit, both today and continuing on into the future. As we continue, you to remember the Queen and everything she did during her race.

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