Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas  Celebrates Holi -In Cute Colorful Photo

Priyanka Chopra – Nick Jonas Celebrates Holi -In Cute Colorful Photo

Happy holi from Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. The 40 year old actress shared a cute photo to her Instagram story on Wednesday of she and her hubby celebrating the Hindu tradition known as the festival of colors. And she wrote over the photo, happy holi to all celebrating. As you can tell, we take it very seriously, ending with a laughing face emoji.

This isn’t the first time the couple have celebrated Holi at their home. Last year, Priyanka Chopra shared some sweet photos and videos from their Holi celebration, which included she and her rock star hubby packing on the PDA. Holy isn’t the only time the two lovebirds have publicly shown their affection for each other. Last weekend. It was parents night out for Priyanka Chopra and Nick at Paris Fashion Week.

The couple who tied the knot in December 2018 looked in love as ever and didn’t shy away from affectionately holding each other for the cameras before attending the Valentino fashion show. The couple’s fashion date night comes just a few weeks after they debuted their one year old daughter Maltimarie at the Jonas Brothers Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Everybody, let’s discuss the best part of today. Your families, the hot wives showing up, all the kids.

I love this shout out. You’ll each show to that. The family affair, to me, is what made it extra special. I know last night was the big family dinner. What happens tonight to celebrate? It’s still early. So now we go have lunch, big family lunch, big family friend lunch and celebrate this really amazing honor. And we’re just so thrilled to be a part of so many iconic names. And Nick having the youngest Malte out here, did she win a star? Best baby on the planet. She was super chill the whole time.

I was very impressed. It was really wonderful to have to have her and my wife out and my mother in law was here too, in addition to our parents. It was definitely a family affair. It kind of felt like a wedding or something. The rehearsal dinner last night, night of the ceremony today, but it’s been pretty special. I was looking at your mom and dad when you all were up here in all the speeches and you even referenced kind of the highs and lows you all have been through.

How much have you had to lean on each other throughout the years? Like, what does this brotherhood truly mean? We wouldn’t have been here if we didn’t have each other, literally. And I think going through everything we did, I think we are stronger now than ever and we’re just looking forward to the future. You mentioned the new album, I’m here and we’re going seventy s.

I think we’re going way back. Let’s talk about the Bee Gees. We’re going to do some flared jeans grow out the hair. What are we feeling? I will say it’s a departure from anything we’ve ever done before. So we can’t really say it sounds like this or it’s influenced by this artist, because I don’t really know what people will take away. But we’re really proud of this baby. I’m ready.

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