Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg is engaged to Nicolas Bagory

Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg is engaged to Nicolas Bagory

Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg is engaged. The Court of Luxembourg announced the news that the 31 year old royal is engaged to Nicolas Bagory and shared a snap showing off this stunning engagement ring. Their royal highnesses the grand duke and grand duchess have the great joy of announcing the engagement of their daughter for royal highness, princess Alexandra to Mr. Nicolas Bagory. Born on November 11, 1988, Mr. Bagrie grew up in Brittany. After studying political science and classics, he now works in the creation of social and cultural projects.

The Royal family statement reads in part for the announcement, Princess Alexandra and Nicolas Bagory’s wedding will take place in the spring. Another royal couple who continue to be in the news and stepping out at events are Kate Middleton and Prince William. After Queen Elizabeth’s death and with King Charles on the throne, William is next in line to be king.

Princess Alexandra and Nicholas Bagory gearing up to one day be the head of the monarchy Kate and William are really kind of stepping up to the plate as far as leading the monarchy. Now, William is not the next in line to the throne. His father, Prince Charles, is going to be the next monarch in the United Kingdom. However, William and Kate are very much already in that kind of waiting in the wings role, where they are both very much aware that they will be on the throne probably not too far in the future.

I think they both know that Prince Charles is not a young spring chicken. He’s not the age that Elizabeth was when she became Queen. And I don’t think anyone is expecting Prince Charles to sit on the throne for decades and decades to come.

He will absolutely take on the role because he has been waiting his entire life to become king. But I think that his reign in comparison with the queens, we very shortlived. William and Kate are already not acting as though they are already the leaders of the monarchy, but they are taking on a huge amount of responsibility, not just in terms of public engagements, but also in terms of the way in which the monarchy is run.

They’re making small but very important changes, opening up the monarchy to a more modern point of view. Not perhaps in a way that is noticeable every single day, but bit by bit, they have kind of helped the monarchy.

To evolve, to kind of embrace new traditions and to kind of maintain the important heritage of the past while also kind of saying, okay, Princess Alexandra few of the things that we used to do are seen as being very stuffy. They are very stuffy. Here are ways where we can kind of maintain the tradition behind these things without making it appear as though we are completely ignorant to what the rest of the world is doing and how they’re living.

Princess Alexandra

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