Prince Harry Mentions Family In Speech

Prince Harry Mentions Family In Speech

If your goal was to make your family happy you’ve achieved it Prince Harry is giving an emotional speech mentioning family in the first trailer of his Netflix docu-series heart of Invictus in the first teaser for Prince Harry and Meghan markle’s latest project with Netflix the Duke of Sussex gives an empowering speech while addressing a crowd at the opening ceremony of the games last year if your goal was to make your country proud you’re not gonna do this if your goal was to make your family happy.

You a cheat day my dad just scored there clearly someone sees something in me you are people of substance of resilience of strength of the heart of Invictus part of Invictus Falls competitors taking part in Harry’s Invictus games the paralympic style games were founded by the 38 year old in 2014 and R4 injured and sick military personnel the docu-series hits the streaming platform on August 30th this is the second project the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have released with the streaming giant the pair sign their

lucrative deal with Netflix in 2020 months after they stepped down as senior members of the royal family since then the pair have relocated to California and have a strained relationship with the royal family they both talked about them in their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 and Prince Harry shared private details about each member of his family and his Memoirs despair which was released earlier this year after the book hit shelves daily mail.

Charlie Langston gav her take on how it could impact the potential reconciliation between the sussexe and the Royals my biggest takeaway from the book is just how aggressively Prince Harry has gone after almost every member of his family there really is nobody spared in his book excuse the pun he even takes some very subtle Digs at the queen.

He suggests in the opening pages of the book that she took a final swipe at Edward her uncle by exiling him and his socialite wife Wallace Simpson in the burial grounds at Frogmore now I think anyone who knows the queen knows that she was not a petty person and for him to suggest that he would she would bury Wallace and Edward further away.

from everyone as a last scolding is something that was quite shocking to me and then of course you see him accusing William of a physical attack an assault then you see him talking about King Charles his father making inappropriate jokes I really think that you know we expected Prince Harry to be quite cruel but I don’t think that anyone could have seen it reaching the level that it has.

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