Is Pete Davidson Moving On From Kim Kardashian To Emily Ratajkowski

Is Pete Davidson Moving On From Kim Kardashian To Emily Ratajkowski

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski are two of Hollywood’s hottest singles. And now fans are speculating that the pair may be seeing more of each other lately. After an Internet tipped the celebrity gossip Instagram account, Dumois claimed the pair were seen getting cozy in Brooklyn.

Twitter users went crazy easy over the surprise pairing. “Truly nobody in human history has had a better year than Pete Davidson’s 2022”, one Twitter user wrote. “Someone needs to do a thesis study on how Pete Davidson managed to score Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and Emily Ratachkowski in the same lifetime.” Another added. Even singer Dion Warwick weighed in, joking, “I will be dating Pete Davidson next.” 

Pete Davidson

The news comes just months after Pete Davidson reportedly split from his most recent love, Kim Kardashian. Emily is also recently single. The model filed for divorce from her husband Sebastian Bear McClard in September. The duo share their son Sylvester together.

In November 2021, Emily opened up about Her Motherhood. The reporter Said You’re a mom to a baby boy. How his mother had changed you. What’s his latest milestone? 

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Responded “So he’s eight months old today, actually. Thank you so much for that. This is my favorite thing to talk about. Yeah, he just crawled up the stairs, which I was obviously excited about because it’s a milestone, but I also just couldn’t believe it. And as a mum, you’re always nervous. You’re like, what’s the next step? So he’s standing up, he’s doing all this stuff. It’s amazing. I love it. I’ve never been so productive in my life. I wake up really early and you don’t have time for yourself in the same way. So every moment I’m kind of doing things and I actually think it’s made me a better person, which is really nice.” 

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