Nick Jonas Takes a Tumble on stage

Nick Jonas Takes a Tumble on stage

Nick Jonas Takes a Tumble on stage it’s still going to be an entertaining function and it’s still entertaining it’s not like yeah it doesn’t drag it’s more fast oh the Nick Jonas brothers are keeping things entertaining all right Nick’s fall went down during their show in Boston while performing sail away he starts to walk backwards and accidentally stumbles into a hole friends but Nick he recovers like a total Pro to put it simply I cannot wait yeah when Nick and his Bros Joe and Kevin caught

They couldn’t wait to start their chores simply called the tour getting here to New York it I feel like the clock went backwards because then we’re back in our own places or um separated but the minute we’re on our way to Yankee Stadium that’s when it feels right yeah the trio kicked things off at the iconic baseball stadium with their wives by their side Nick Jonas and Kevin started the show with their tracks celebrate and Nick Jonas wife Priyanka Chopra couldn’t hold back her

Tears the special thing while on tour the Jonas Brothers perform Five albums in one night what is your all-time favorite song to perform um favorite song to perform of ours I would say he didn’t specify yeah I was actually moving on to the question but yeah is my favorite one now I’m speech speechless oh Legend just breathless I never thought that I’d catch this love bug again I really enjoy playing the first album some of the songs from the first album on the set like the songs like the self-titled on Australia

Nice that just slap I just want to show them that we can play every song on every album I think that is like insane that we were able to put this together and then it’s still going to be an entertaining function and with many shows ahead there’s a chance for more on-stage mishaps but clearly nothing can bring the Jonas Brothers down at least not literally just having you know the world back and running is exciting to be able to go to cities again and just get a bunch of people together and party and play music andsing and dance love it foreign.

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