Kim Kardashian Wears Catsuit At Rams

Kim Kardashian Wears Catsuit At Rams

Kim Kardashian is bringing high fashion to the football field with her son’s, Ain’t. On Sunday, the Kardashian star took her six year old to the La. Rams game at Sofa Stadium. The Mama Four rocked a bold Balenciaga cat suit with black heels and futuristic sunglasses for the team’s matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. She shared highlights from the sporting event on Instagram, including the bright blue Balenciago crocodile purse she wore to pay tribute to the Rams.

But Kim Kardashian wasn’t the only one wearing the NFL team’s blue and gold. The SKIM’s founder’s eldest son was decked out in paraphernalia for the afternoon, showing off a massive chain with the Rams logo on it as he took the field following the game with a friend. The young fans even got to check out for this Lombardi Trophy.

Out for the mother son duo comes just after the 41 yearold shared an adorable video of her youngest children, Chicago, and psalm singing in the back of the card to their dad, kanye west hit True Love. Despite the rapper’s recent comment about Kim Kardashian family on social media, the reality star seems to be taking the high road. She has not responded to his recent accusations.

In April, excess Hollywood’s kid Hoover spoke to the skin founder, and she opened up about why Ye will always be family. Oh, there’s just so much love there. Like, no matter what, there’s so much love there, and there always will be. And we’re always connected and we’re always family.

So there will always be a way to manage it and navigate it. I love that. And Tristan, we see in the thing. He’s coming for you. Chloe, how are we doing? We’re good. We are good. And the same thing, I think we had such great examples. Our parents, our real dad and our stepdad were so great with one another. And of course, it took time to get there and our mom and everyone.

But when you have such good examples, that’s all we know. So we will never, ever do anything else but just love and respect and honor, because all of this stuff, this emotional stuff will but the longevity, the love and respect that will always be there.

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