Kim Kardashian ‘Put’s Her  Feelings Aside’ So Kanye Could Celebrate Saint’s Birthday

Kim Kardashian ‘Put’s Her Feelings Aside’ So Kanye Could Celebrate Saint’s Birthday

Kim Kardashian reportedly put her feelings to the side in order to celebrate Saint’s birthday with Kanye West. Plus, the Donda star is single again, according to his former boo, Juliana Nalu. Hey everyone, it’s Allie for Hollywood Life with your Cardinal roundup starting today with Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner killing it at the beefsteak choice awards last night. Last night, the motherdaughter duo made a glam appearance as they both wore all black spits to accept their trophy for best reality show of 2022 for their hulu series.

The Kim Kardashian very deserved Kris rocked a suit with voluminous tulle shoulder detail while cocoa for a backlash corset suit with a beautiful blown out hairstyle, which almost made her miss accepting the award. Now, while accepting this award, the monitor also gave fans some insight about season three of the show. And according to the mama’s 6th, it couldn’t be better. Congrats to this family. A welldeserved award for sure, but switching gears to Kanye West because he’s a single man once again. Now, Ye has been spiraling for a while now with his hateful rhetoric, but for the most part we’ve known him to be in a relationship.

Well, Brazilian model Juliana Nalu responded to a fan on Instagram this week who questioned how she could date someone who is antisemitic, and to that, the model revealed that she is single. But thanks for caring. Now, this response comes after Kanye was suspended from Twitter for the second time for inflighting violence, while also saying some more harmful comments directed towards the Jewish people at the time of this recording.

We cannot confirm when these two broke up, but I wonder, was that the real reason that did it? Maybe it was his Twitter account, but staying on, Kanye West recalled yesterday TMZ reported that the rapper visited Kim Kardashian’s home to celebrate their son Saints birthday. Well, now Hollywood Life have learned exclusively from a Kardashian source that Kim Kardashian has put her own feelings aside and made sure that Kanye could have his time with Saint too.

She agreed in the custody deal that Kanye would have equal access to their kids, so she’ll do what she needs to do to make that happen. The insider also added that with all the madness surrounding Yay and his concerning antisemitic comments, having Kanye come over and see Saints at Kim Kardashian house was the best option for the kids right now. Unfortunately, Kanye agreed to that arrangement, but this is by no means an easy situation to navigate. Well, we’ve these things are off to a good star for Kim and Kanye following their divorce finalization, but let us know what you guys think in the comments below.

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