johnny depp dating his previous lawyer

johnny depp dating his previous lawyer

Johnny Depp’s got a new love interest, and it’s his lawyer, but not the one you think. My name is Camille Vasquez. Yeah, we’re not talking about Camille Vasquez, the breakout star of the actor’s defamation trial against his exwife, Amber Heard. She shut down speculation they were dating back in June, and at the time, a source told Et. Those rumors were unequivocally, untrue. It’s been overwhelming. So who is Johnny dating? An attorney from another case, Joel Rich, who represented the actor in a libel suit in the UK two years ago, the one involving the publisher of British tabloid The Sun. Johnny and Joel spent four months together in court, but ultimately lost the case.

The case goes back to a 2018 article where The newspaper labeled Johnny Depp a wife beater for repeatedly assaulting his then wife, Amber Heard. So Depp sued the tabloid for libel, but a London high court judge ruled that the newspaper’s claims were substantially true. Now, it’s unclear when the relationship turned romantic,

But we do know the Londonbased lawyer is currently legally married and is in the process of getting divorced from her estranged husband. Back in the little room again. While Joelle wasn’t part of Johnny’s team in this year’s headline making defamation trial, she was on hand to show her support, popping up at the Virginia Courthouse at least twice in May.

Photograph snapped her outside with Johnny depp, and weeks later, she was seen hugging Camille inside the courtroom. Since then, the pair hasn’t been photographed publicly, as Johnny’s kept a relatively low profile getting back to work, he’s heading back to the big screen as King Louis XIV in the new period drama John Dew Barry. Plus, he’s stepping behind the camera to direct Modi, a biopic about Italian artist Modi Guiani. I’ve gained some degree of success in this industry.

It’s been very good to me and it’s been very good for me. A source recently told Et. Johnny’s looking forward to reclaiming his career. Quote, he feels like things are on the upswing for him and like he cleared his name. He’s looking forward to the future, both personally and professionally, and feels like he got his career back.

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