Jimmy Kimmel Shares Update on 5-Year-Old Son

Jimmy Kimmel Shares Update on 5-Year-Old Son

People, I think they’re very hesitant to ask me about him. And they’re like, is he okay with and he’s honestly, he’s no different physically than any of the other kids. Jimmy Kimmel shares a positive update about his five year old son Billy, who has undergone multiple heart surgeries. One of them, just days after he, he was born, they did an echocardiogram, which is a sonogram of the heart, and found that Billy was born with heart disease. Billy’s doing great. He’s a perfectly normal Jimmy Kimmel shouldn’t say he’s normally he’s not a normal kid, he’s a weird kid, but his heart is fine. He’s a little screwy.

That’s all we’re worried about right now. But he’s doing great. He still has to have another surgery. He can play sports. He doesn’t want to, but he can. He’s always dancing and jumping around and we wrestle all the time, but he’s fine. Except for what’s going on with his heart, he’s perfectly fine. The talk show host opened up to et at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles gala.

The event raised money to support hospital patient care and research with help from celebs like Jimmy Kimmel , Chris Pine and Justin Timberlake. Children’s Hospital here in Los Angeles, it’s just a great place for parents to bring their kids when it’s needed, but also it’s a great place because they train doctors and nurses from not just all around the country to go all around the world. So it really is a place where they come, they learn how to do this, and it helps everybody across the whole country, not just in La.

There are some bad things about being famous and there are some good things about being famous, and one of the best things about it is that you can shine a light on these people who really are the stars. When you can do something for somebody’s kid, they become the most important people in the world. And to me. That these people are and just the idea that we would do anything else other than everything we can to help them keep doing this for so many I mean. I hear from so many people now that my son

is at Children’s Hospital who contact me before they go in there before. And Jimmy Kimmel always say to them. I said. Listen. Somebody I know. I’ll call before him. But you’re not going to get treated any different. Everyone’s going to get treated very well, like a VIP at this hospital, because that’s just the way it is there’s.

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