Jennifer Lopez -43 MILLION Mansion For Sale

Jennifer Lopez -43 MILLION Mansion For Sale

Jennifer Lopez is moving on and moving out of her Bel Air estate and for a hefty payday. It just happens that way. It’s it’s it’s a funny thing. Like Et. Has learned, the singer listed her family home for $42.5 million just a few months after tying the knot with Ben Affleck. Home is about where the people you love are. It doesn’t matter what you know, place you are. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. So, what does Jennifer Lopez luxurious multimillion dollar mansion offer?

Well, the property is described as a rare and extraordinary home located on eight to awe inspiring acres of land. Check out the main level living room with sky high ceilings. There’s also a 30 seat screening room. Zoom in closely, and you can see Jennifer Lopez and Ben’s movie posters on the wall. Are you ready? Yes. Then we have the game room with a very familiar sign, but it’s the outdoor area that has caught our attention.

Yeah, there’s a 100 seat amphitheater and an infinity pool, but the coolest part has to be the private lake with a sandy beach. And did we mention the massive estate also includes private hiking trails? It was worth it. And if the pad looks familiar, it’s probably because you saw it when Jennifer Lopez filmed her 73 questions segment with Vogue. Which of your characters are you most similar to? I think there’s a little bit of me in all the characters I play, but I would have to stay Sweeney.

Yes, that’s the triple thread in her kitchen and her incredible backyard. Ballad or dance track? Depends on my mood, but dance track. So, with Jen’s crib up for grabs, seems like she and her hubby, Ben are ready to plant roots in a new home following their two weddings. Baby, you’re my shelter. Shelter from a broken paradigm.

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The lovebirds first tied the knot in a last minute ceremony in Vegas last July. And so I was just like, what is this happening? Is this really happening? And we were so happy. And of course it was happening, but I just felt like the wedding was so stressful. And one day Ben just says, let’s just go to Vegas and get married tonight. And I was like, it was that day.

It was like that day. What can I tell you? We’re just having a good time. Then in August, the two had a magical Georgia wedding at Ben sprawling estate. What’s the best part of this chapter? And being married to Ben, there’s so many things. I mean, you don’t have enough time right now. Let me tell you about my relationship with Ben. He’s a beautiful man. He’s dreaming.

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