Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Decision to Split

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy Decision to Split

Married life feels one thousand percent different than when we were dating new details on Jeezy and Jeannie Mai going their separate ways after two years of marriage Jeezy and I are a team just days after the rapper filed for divorce from the TV host we’re now hearing the two weren’t on the same page when it came to certain family values and expectations.

We all know what we want we want to feel trusted we want to feel love we want to feel safe our source adding they had different views and each felt like their needs weren’t being completely met how’s everything amazing the family is great baby’s big that’s Jeezy speaking with in June no warning signs but gushing over the couple’s almost two-year-old daughter Monaco yes calling me Daddy.

Now so we there according to Jeezy’s filing a prenup was signed and there is no hope for reconciliation I cannot believe as every parent will tell you how much a child changes your life and Jeezy is seeking joint custody of their little girl it’s not hard to get away.

Because I have a village my family my mama might think she gave birth my husband’s parents are hands on too so God thank you thank you for my daddy just last week Jeannie and Monaco celebrating his Memoir on Instagram and God thank you thank you because my Daddy hey Daddy made the New York Times bestsellers list the love stories end comes four years after their first Milestone making their romance Instagram official with this pick in September 2019.

The great thing about our love is we have flaws but we Embrace working through them I’ve never had that with Bradley before all right of course the pandemic hit months later which Genie says fast tracked their commitment ending with their ideas in 2021. you both are sitting together and haven’t had an Earnest conversation about how life has been lately like just Simplicity it’s beautiful we looked at each other after or you know um by this time of the quarantine you know we were like yo if we make it.

Through this we are gangster I am very excited to share that Monaco my Jenkins is a girl the real host sharing her pregnancy Journey with fans and later not shy away from the challenges she faced after giving birth I could have done without was the postpartum anxiety tough that’s tough yeah how was that how was that for you it was it was honestly it was treacherous I got some help I did I did get.

You know I saw a psychologist now less than a week after the news dropped they’ve yet to address the split on social media we want to feel cuddles we want to feel you know the romance like you want all those things so the fact that I’m doing that with a partner that is like-minded with me is the best part of my life.


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