Hailey Bieber Reflects On Mini-Stroke

Hailey Bieber Reflects On Mini-Stroke

Hailey Bieber is looking back on her health crisis. Last year, the model was hospitalized in March of 2022 after suffering a transient ischemic attack, or Tia, known as a mini stroke due to a small blood clot in her brain. She was later diagnosed with PFO, a congenital heart defect where there was a passageway between the left and right atria of the heart.

In an Instagram story on Friday, Hailey Bieber reflected on the incident and shared resources to learn more. She wrote, can’t believe it’s been one year since I suffered a mini stroke that led to my Pfo diagnosis. Given that it’s the one year mark from such a life changing event, I wanted to share all the information I’ve learned about Pfo and share resources to donate.

Hailey Bieber also reshared a video that she filmed last year, breaking down her health journey for fans. In the video, the Rhodeskin founder explained that the mini stroke occurred when she was eating breakfast with her husband, Justin Bieber. She felt a weird sensation traveling from her shoulder to her fingertips, and when Justin asked if she was okay, she tried and failed to answer. When I went to respond, I couldn’t speak.

The right side of my face started drooping. I couldn’t get a sentence out. Everything was coming out, like, not even jumble just, like, couldn’t get any of the words out. Hailey Bieber told fans it was the scariest moment of her life and that her mind was spinning with thoughts. The number one thing being I’m having a stroke. I’m really scared. I don’t know what’s going on.

I don’t know why this is happening. Am I going to have permanent issues from this? Like, so many things were running through my head that were really freaking me out and really, really, really scaring me. She later found out that the ministroke was caused by a small blood clot in her brain. After testing was done at the hospital, it was discovered that she had pfo, and she later underwent a procedure to have that hole in her heart closed. I’m recovering really well, really fast. I feel great.

The biggest thing I feel, honestly, is I just feel really relieved that we were able to figure everything out, that we were able to get it closed, that I will be able to just move on from this really scary situation and just live my life. Following her health crisis last spring, Hailey Bieber had lots of support from her loved ones. Justin told fans at a concert shortly after the incident, she’s okay.

She’s good. She’s strong. But it’s been scary, you know? It’s been really scary. But I know for a fact that God has her in the palm of his hands, and that’s a good thing. Justin’s mom, Patty Millette, also sent her daughter in law love after Hailey Bieber posted her video detailing her experience. Patty shared it on her Instagram story and wrote, grateful you are recovering well. God is good. Thank you. For sharing your story so brave. Love you so much. Hailey Bieber.

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