Emily Ratajkowski Says She Would LOVE TO Date a Woman

Emily Ratajkowski Says She Would LOVE TO Date a Woman

Emily Ratajkowski is embracing her single girl era, the supermodel is opening up about her dating life. In a new interview with Homegirls magazine, the 31 year old is asked by the publication via an interview conducted through her DMs, if she’d ever date a woman.

Emrada responds, I would love to, waiting for the right one to come along. I’ve always been someone who’s more attracted to vibe than specifics of physicality, so sometimes it’ll just randomly hit me and I’ll be like, whoa, I’m attracted to this person.

As for her single status, Emily Ratajkowski says, this is the first time I’ve ever been single in my life, adding, I’m proud of myself. Younger version of myself would have probably settled for some middue just to have a BF. Glad I’m not in that era anymore. And while she’s happy flying solo, she’s open to meeting someone new as long as they’re vetted, explaining, I’ve only gone on one date from an app, but it was with someone who I also had mutual friends with.

I’m really open to meeting people whatever way, but I do think mutuals is always a nice way to vet people. The dating comments come as Emily Ratajkowski has been linked to some high profile men recently, including Harry Styles. The two sparked romance rumors after making out in Tokyo, as seen in a video posted by the Daily Mail on March 25.

Though reps for Harry and Emily Ratajkowski did not respond to comment. Prior to Harry, Emily Ratajkowski was linked to comedian Eric Andre, who posted not safe for work photos of the two to his Instagram. Fans thought it was a dating confirmation, but a source previously told. News that the model ended it with the funny man days before the photos went live in February.

And of course, late last year, Emily was spotted with Pete Davidson, though an insider later told. News at the time that Emily Ratajkowski not exclusively dating anyone and is having fun, adding she wants to see what’s out there. Her single era follows her split from Sebastian Bear McLard. Emily filed for divorce from the film producer last year. The two were married for four years and share one son together.

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