Christina Aguilera Shares Rare Glimpse Of Daughter Summer On Tour

Christina Aguilera Shares Rare Glimpse Of Daughter Summer On Tour

Let me see, man. Let me see. Christina Aguilera is balancing work life and mom life. On Wednesday, the 42 year old singer shared a rare glimpse to instagram of her life currently on tour and how she’s been able to bring her eight year old daughter Summer along for the ride.

The first photo Christina Aguilera shared was of Summer sitting on the ground in a stadium in Chile that was being set up for her show. And the little girl is focusing on her drawing of the stadium which Christina Aguilera showed off in a video. Let me see, mom. Let me see, let me see. Getting the venue would you make how did it turn out? I know she started over mama’s audience and show it to me. Yay.

The Lady Marmalade songstress also shared a pickup of maps, books and then she and her daughter looking at a map of the world together before concluding her post with a snap of a sleepy summer in her bed on their private plane, Christina Aguilera captioned the post. It’s moments like these that truly make what I do worthwhile. Making new memories around the world with my family and seeing my daughter capture her experiences in her own creative way has been the greatest reward.

The proud mom shares summer with her fiance, Matt Rutler. Plus she has a 14 year old son Max, whom she shares with ex Jordan Bratman. Christina Aguilera loves going on tour and singing and dancing around the world for her millions of fans.

Speaking of concerts, I know you’re finishing up the X tour, then you’re off to Mexico, right? I am. I’m so excited. Yes. We’re going to put on a great show. It’s been a long time coming and so, yeah, I’m bringing out Mira Flecko, some amazing songs from that album, love it. And falco sequerance all that. So we’re going to have the best time, me and my dancers and my crew.

It will be a huge celebration. So Mexico will be fun. And we’re counting down new Years in Vegas, so bouncing all around. Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing the residency. I’m going to go check it out. That’s got to be a lot of fun with the kids and everything, right? You get to stay put. Yes. We’re going to count down new year’s on the stage. Yes.

It’s been bouncing between Europe to Vegas. To Europe. To Vegas. I hadn’t been on the stage in a long time, so now it’s just a homecoming. The stage is like my home and getting to see my fans around the world is just such a blessing. So much to be thankful for this year and the new Spanish album I’ll be recording this year. So follow up to Mere flicko. It’s a beautiful time, Elicit. Thank you. So great to see you.

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