Channing Tatum Shared Dating Stories With Salma Hayek

Channing Tatum Shared Dating Stories With Salma Hayek

Channing Tatum saw it just the other day, edge of my seat. Loving that it was in London. I’m curious about your first impressions with one another. What was that like when you guys first met? We met on Zoom with Stephen. Soderberg that’s exactly so intimate and very personal. What was beautiful about the situation was I didn’t know how much you never know how much people love movies. And some was so smart about just movies.

Channing Tatum don’t know if anyone will ever really understand how brilliant she is with writing and understanding everything that’s going on underneath it. And she knew more about our movie than we knew about our movie and what was missing in it, what was what we, as a bunch of white men, could not even slightly understand. And she helped us.

Yeah. Selma, I see you glowing over there. What were your thoughts, your first impressions of Channing Tatum, maybe? Well, it’s more memorable for me the first time I met him in person, because then he came with Steven and we met in my house, and he told some stories. He was very open, very personal, and I really connected with him of a story he told about a date that shocked me.

Oh, boy, I want to be shocked. Okay, secrets, guys. Okay, I will tell you. Tells this story about starting to date after a divorce. And one of the first dates, they go to Dinah, then they go somewhere else, and the girl goes, okay, now dance for me. No. And I was angry, and I thought to myself, oh, my God, I have been objectified for so long on the screen.

And all of a sudden Channing Tatum said, here is a man that actually I share an experience with, that I’ve never experienced with another man so closely. And then I realized, of course, his career was very good, but even took over even more through the dancing and being sensual in the dance, and so did mine. Went from those, and all of a sudden I said, oh, my God, he’s my kinder spirit. Wow. And then Channing Tatum felt really connected. We could talk about so many things, funny things, diet deep.

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I became her friend. Happens to, in some way, be super girly. And I feel very comfortable with him. And he’s a gentleman, which is hard to find. I learned about his mom. I’m the most gentleman girlfriend. That you will have. That you will have a fine honey. Your chemistry really jumped on the stage.

The choreography from that lap dance to the acrobatics to the dance in front of the group on stage, what was that like for the two of you? It was amazing. What was the answer? And a lot of it was improvised. Maybe not the lap dance so much, but some of it, but the other stuff was just things that happen in the minute and that Stephen would take the camera and just do it. So we were surprised of some of the stuff even when we watched the film. Awesome. Well, incredible work. Thank you both. Appreciate that.

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