Britney Spears and Sam Asghari call it quits

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari call it quits

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari call it quits after one year of marriage my main thing is to enjoy life and take today take one day at a time and I try to live by that confirmed the news after broke it while the outlet claims cheating allegations were to blame our sources say Britney Spears denies any infidelity I’m just living my life right now A source tells.

Britney Spears and Sam have had ups and downs throughout the relationship and though they have a lot of love for each other they also argue a lot over fundamental issues quote sometimes they feel as though each other’s needs aren’t being completely met recently things took a bad turn and their arguments became more serious and real just being in a relationship with someone that has achieved so much so many great things and uh at such a young age uh kind of gives me the understanding and and and teaches me so much

little things I’m gonna achieve what are the big things Britney Spears and Sam first met on the set of her 2016 music video for slumber party fast forward to September 2021 the pair announced their engagement look at that you like it yeah it’s amazing it’s Heaven from here on out you have to have some do you want a big wedding a small one I won the biggest wedding in the world what kind of wedding do you want to have what’s your dream day you know it’s up to her she’s wearing the pants

now ahead of their big day Sam stood by Britney Spears as she battled her 13-year conservatorship which officially ended in November 2021. everything’s amazing we’re so excited to start a new chapter and everything’s so positive from here on out jump to June 9th 2022 and the couple married at her home in Thousand Oaks California how’s married life I have to wear this thing now you know it’s just surreal man it’s uh it’s been a minute it was way overdue for us and we imagined this thing being a fairy

Tale and it was and we only had like 50 to 70 people we wanted to just celebrate uh and that’s what we did now our source says that Britney Spears and Sam have had issues on and off since before they were married and they tend to get worse when they are away from each other and spending time up part quote their arguments have led them to become unhappy at times in their relationship they are also on different pages when it comes to their future as a couple which has been a point of contention I just want to be a happy person our source.

Sam feels like he has gone above and beyond to support Britney Spears and be there for her and like it is never enough and eyewitness also tells Sam was spotted out with friends in Los Angeles over the weekend looking in good spirits but not wearing his wedding ring Britney Spears and Sam have yet to comment foreign

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