Avril Lavigne – Tyga KISS At Paris Fashion Week

Avril Lavigne – Tyga KISS At Paris Fashion Week

Avril Lavigne appears to be moving on. Just weeks after she ended her engagement to Matson, the 38 year old rock star stepped out with Tyga at Mugler and Hunter Shaper’s party at Paris Fashion Week. The two walked into the party hand in hand and kissed while inside.

In one photo, the complicated singer grabs onto the rapper’s face as she kisses him and in another snap they whisper in each other’s ears. The two also looked stylish for their night out, with Avril Lavigne rocking a black oversized hoodie and knee high black leather boots, while the rapper sported a black shirt underneath a gray button down shirt and pants.

The pair first sparked dating rumors last week. Hollywood reached out to Avril and Tigers teams for confirmation, but the skater boys rep declined to comment. Avril Lavigne trip to the City of Love comes shortly after her and Motson split. A rep for the pop star confirmed to Acts of Hollywood last month that she and her boo had gone their separate ways.

While Avril Lavigne has not yet spoken out publicly about their breakup, mod addressed it in a social media post last week, writing quote in one week my entire life’s completely changed. I just know there’s a plan for it all. I’ll keep my head up and always listen to my heart, even if it feels broken.

Avril Lavigne and Mods break up came nearly eleven months after they got engaged in Paris. Axe’s Hollywood spoke to Avril at the 2022 Grammys one week after Mod’s proposal, but before they announced their engagement to the world. And she told us about their award show date Night odyssey. Is this date night tonight? Yeah, you can call it that.

A quick weekend trip to Vegas. Is it even a weekend? I never even know what day it is with my job. You guys are so cute. You guys are kind of matching too. You got to look mud. Get on. Get on over here. I was just telling Avril Lavigne that you guys are totally matching and look amazing tonight. We put a lot of effort into matching. Wearing black, isn’t it? Dress gray. I know.

This is my favorite dress you’ve ever worn, I think. Thank you. And I see the Love Sucks, which I know you both worked on and you guys created some incredible music this year. I’m hoping next year the nominations are for Love Sucks. I’m ruining it in.

Avril Lavigne

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