Avril Lavigne & Mod Sun Break Up

Avril Lavigne & Mod Sun Break Up

Things are over between Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun. The duo has broken up nearly a year after getting engaged. A rep for Avril Lavigne confirms. However, modson’s rep tells Access Hollywood on Tuesday, quote, they were together and engaged as of three days ago when he left for tour. So if anything has changed, that’s news to him.

The duo got engaged last March in a dreamy proposal that up took place in Paris. previously spoke with the couple at the 2022 Grammy’s and they definitely had the look of love at the time. Mod is here. Is this date night tonight? Yeah, you can call it that. A quick weekend trip to Vegas. Is it even a weekend? I never even know what day it is with my job.

You guys are so cute. You guys are kind of matching too. You got the look. Mod, get on. Get on over here. I was just telling Avril Lavigne that you guys are totally matching and look amazing tonight. We put a lot of effort into matching Mary Black. Isn’t it dress great? I know. This is my favorite dress you’ve ever worn, I think. Thank you. And I see the love socks, which I know you both worked on.

You guys created some incredible music this year. I’m hoping next year the nominations are for Love Sucks. Let’s go. I’m bringing it in. You’re presenting tonight. What can we expect? Presenting best pop duo and yeah, I just put out my album, Love Sucks and going on tour this year. So I’m very happy to be here tonight. Still making music. I’m doing my thing.

You are totally still making music. I love the album. I love all the music. Machine Gun Kelly you are touring with, which is so exciting. What is it like collaborating with him? Well, the tour kicks off in about a month. We’re going on tour together, mod and I in Canada in May and then June, July, I go out with Machine Gun Kelly on the road and do some US. States. And then there’s more touring for the rest of the year. Coming up to be announced.

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