Are Shawn Mendes & Sabrina Carpenter Dating?

Are Shawn Mendes & Sabrina Carpenter Dating?

Does Shawn Mendes have a new senorita in his life? The 24 year old singer was spotted out on a walk with Sabrina Carpenter in Los Angeles on Monday, as seen in photos obtained by people in the snapshan sports a denim jacket and black pants as Sabrina Carpenter wears an oversized black hoodie and sweat pants. Their stroll comes after gossip site dumwan shared a tip suggesting that the two were dating.

Neither of them has commented on their relationship status just yet, but axe as Hollywood has reached out for comments. Prior to being linked to Sean, the nonsense singer was rumored to be dating Joshua Bassett. They sparked romance rumors in the summer of 2020, but never confirmed their relationship.

Olivia Rodrigo had previously dated her high school musical, the musical the series costar, and when she released her hit song driver’s license, many fans speculated Sabrina Carpenter was the, quote, blonde girl the grammy winner referenced in the lyrics. As for Sean, he recently sparked romance rumors with his 51
year old chiropractor Jocelyn Miranda after he was spotted hanging out with her several times since, announcing a split from Camilla cabello in November 2021.

Back in January, matchmaker and dating expert Devin Simone talked to act says Hollywood about what made Sean and Jocelyn’s rumored romance so shocking. We’ve seen them together back in the summer of 2022. She’s gone on tour with him. She gets him feeling good. I mean, when you think of a relationship and you think of your partner making you feel good, I don’t feel like getting your back cracked on a table is exactly the way that you go. But, hey, maybe that’s the thing.

And while she’s 51 and he’s nowhere near 51, we are seeing a trend of these may December romances. We saw Olivia Wilde with Harry styles share and the speculation around her engagement with her partner. So if it works for them, it works for them. Now, neither party has confirmed whether or not they are in a relationship, but she’s been spotted out on what some are calling lunch dates and dinner dates with Sean. They haven’t come out to explicitly deny that they’re in a relationship either.

So maybe it’s a thing. Maybe they’re doing the no launch. The Sean and Dr. Jocelyn potential relationship is shocking on so many levels. One, because there is such an age gap. Two, because how often do we hear Sabrina Carpenter in Hollywood headlines? Not that often. But then three, because it’s such a departure from his relationship with superstar Camilla. Like they were seen in public everywhere. She’s a pop star, one’s a doctor.

They’re just completely, one would imagine, very different people, very different energies. But hey, sometimes that’s what happens in dating. I call it the pendulum swing. So you date one type and that doesn’t work, and you go, nope, not doing that again. And you swing all the way to the other side. And apparently this was into his Sabrina Carpenter arms.

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